Concierge Ballroom @ Home: Dance Anywhere and Everywhere!

Dancing for Individuals

No partner? No problem! We have dance videos of solo choreography which you can follow along with at home.  All routines are designed for minimal space. Learn and practice at your own pace. Once you feel you have mastered a routine, head over to our practice playlists to dance with other songs.


Dancing for Partners

Are you and your partner bored at home? Miss having fun activities to do together? Try out our social dance program and learn the beginner steps with your partner.  We demonstrate both the leader and follower elements individually and how to dance them together.

Fitness & Stretch

We are strong believers in the importance of cross-training for dancers. Regularly improving your strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance are essential for becoming a versatile dancer. We offer strength and flexibility routines to help our students reach their goals.

& More

  • Curated practice playlists for each dance style. Updated each month.
  • Reference material for dance terminology (coming soon!)
  • New videos loaded each month
  • Specialty classes (coming soon!)

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Concierge Ballroom

Our mission is to grow the ballroom dance community in the Philadelphia area. We are here to support both students who are looking to grow and independent dance instructors who are looking for a home. We strive to be a one of a kind place where we welcome all that are seeking a safe place to express themselves.


30 South 7th St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

(267) 609-9340


Monday 12:30-9:30PM

Tuesday 12:30-5:30PM

Wednesday 12:30-9:30PM

Thursday 12:30-9:30PM

Friday 12:30-7:30PM

Saturday 11:30-3:30PM

Sunday Closed


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