Create Memories that Will Last a Lifetime

First Dance

Your first dance will be a cherished memory! Our couples always say that they loved their first dance since it was the one moment of the day where it could just be the two of them. Gift yourselves an unforgettable celebration of the beginning of a marriage and an incredible love.


Parent Dances

Parent dances are a great way to involve your family in wedding preparations.  Whether you use the lessons to spend time with your parents or use it as an opportunity for your new integrated family to become one, it is a fun way to share your love.

Dance the Night Away

Then dancing doesn’t stop at the First Dance! Once the DJ or band starts playing the party hits, you don’t want to be afraid of the dance floor.  Let us help you feel confident and prepared to dance on the floor no matter what song comes up next!

Get Started with a Complimentary Consultation

When planning a wedding, you want to ensure every aspects feels unique and special to you and your partner that includes your dancing! Whether you are looking to dance better than a “prom sway” to a fully choreographed showstopper, we are here to make your vision a reality!

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with mini-private dance lesson to discuss your goals with one of our fabulous instructor.

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Wedding Dance Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to learning how to dance for our wedding?

Learning to dance together for your wedding will give you a fun date night to learn a lifelong skill. Couples who dance together learn teamwork, communication, and feel confident for their special day and every day after.

When should we start learning to dance for our wedding?

Ideally, as soon as possible. Whether your wedding is over a year away or in a few months/weeks, we can help! Schedule your complimentary lesson and consultation with us to learn more.

Do we need to have our song picked?

You do not. Our instructors will help you feel comfortable with the basics to a variety of music. Once your song is picked you can apply what you’ve learned. This is a great way to learn how to dance to other music played at your reception.

How many lessons will it take to learn our first dance?

Every couple is different and the amount of lessons you will need depends on multiple factors. Scheduling your complimentary dance lesson and consultation will allow our instructors to work directly with you and let you know how many lessons you will need based on your timeline and your vision for your wedding.

Can we learn to dance with our parents?

Absolutely. We encourage everyone to take dance lessons as a fun way to prepare for your wedding! You can learn how to dance with your parents to a special song, we can teach your bridal party some fun choreography, and anyone who is a guest who wants to learn for fun!

What our students are saying:

“Our First Dance turned out amazing.  it was fluid and simple, and so much fun because we were relaxed and confident in our newly acquired skills. and judging by the reactions of our guests, it looked as good as it felt!” -Meghan and Ridge

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Concierge Ballroom

Our mission is to grow the ballroom dance community in the Philadelphia area. We are here to support both students who are looking to grow and independent dance instructors who are looking for a home. We strive to be a one of a kind place where we welcome all that are seeking a safe place to express themselves.


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